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China as a Superpower of the World Essay Example

China as a Superpower of the World Essay Example China as a Superpower of the World Essay China as a Superpower of the World Essay China had no effect on the world until one or two decades ago. In time, China has improved itself in many areas which are the economy, trade, introducing and popularizing their culture. Power depends on not only these things but also standpoint of people. Therefore, it is important to influence people. Thus, when we look at the world, Chinese have the impact on other people in these days. In other words; today, China gained a reputation as a rising nation in many areas. Thanks to this reputation, China is known all over the world. Therefore, China has significant power. First of all, although China is managed by the Republic, there are still seen the effects of communism, and it has some benefits in two areas. Firstly, the economy has been improved due to the communism because China started the mass production a decade ago. In this way, it is widespread known for the Chinese. However, China has a problem about that because communism does not allow people to have private goods. However, at the ends of the 1990s, China accepted a law which was about permitting Chinese to have private goods, and factories began to make industrial production. (Holmes, 2009) Hence, China has started to import and export goods. Thus, China’s economy has started to develop because Chinese have decreased the number of imported goods, and also they have increased the domestic production. That is why; they broke the import-export balance positively in recent years. Also, they got better their economy. Secondly, politics has been affected by the regime. Therefore, Chin a’s politics was affected from the communism, so there are still seen effects of communism especially in domestic policy. Regime alteration did not affect China’s domestic policy so much because the nature of politics comes from the history and its usual pattern. Hence, today China’s domestic policy is mostly same as at communism time, but this did not mean that Chinese live in the undevelop

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7 Ways to Get Promotedâ€Beyond Just Working Hard

7 Ways to Get Promoted- Beyond Just Working Hard Think you can just slog away as diligently as you can and then everything else will fall into place? Think again. Just putting your head down and working hard is not enough. Don’t just imagine some omniscient presence is watching your performance at every turn and taking note of how well you’re doing. Here are a few concrete things to do to put yourself in a position to be promoted, beyond just showing up and working hard.1. Do something significant.So many rookies ask for a raise or a promotion without having done anything to earn it. Sure, they’ve worked hard. But they haven’t done the kind of specific work needed to grow as a leader or apply their talents and skills in a targeted way to help the company with what it needs most. Rise above. Then ask for a raise.2. Keep track of your successes.You should keep a running document of your accomplishments. Project start and end dates, significant milestones, quantifiable results, and thanks or congratulatory notes. This will be your arsenal when the time comes to prove your worthiness for promotion.3. Log professional development.Anytime you participate in a professional development activity- and you should be doing this!- log it. Keep track of courses, dates, names, contacts, etc. And file any new licenses or certificates you achieve, as well.4. Build a support team of mentors.You can’t get where you want to go without help. It takes a village- or, really, a team. Build bridges between you and your colleagues, supervisors, peers, managers, etc. Think about the ecosystem in which you’re operating. Learn its quirks and learn to thrive as a member of that climate. The best thing about scoring good mentors is that you might just land yourself a sponsor or ally who might be in the decision-making room when you aren’t and can make your case.5. Think ahead.Long before your review, sit down with your boss and make sure you know what tangible goals you should be working tow ards. Make sure you know the metrics you’ll be judged on when it comes time for promotion. Make a list of desired (or required) achievements. Then make sure your review is scheduled when it’s supposed to happen. If your first review comes and goes with no promotion, make sure you ask your boss what you’d need to do in the next six months to get there.6. Don’t wait to lead.Leadership opportunities won’t necessarily come to you. You have to seek them out. Lead a project, chair a committee, take charge of something. This will give you the exposure and visibility you need. Then just make sure you’re doing excellent work and maintaining your new role as leader.7. Branch out.It’s not just all about your company. Make sure to stay current. Network, interact, and yes, even interview at different companies in your field. Your employer isn’t the be all and end all. Anything could happen. Staying fresh and connected to the greater industr y not only means you’ll land on your feet if any shake-ups or lay-offs come around, but also that you will be seen as more valuable when the promotions start coming around.

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Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations Essay - 3

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations - Essay Example Another important difference in the financial management of the two types of organizations is the constraint of non distribution. Nonprofit organizations cannot distribute the profit generated to the owners. Nonprofit organizations do not have any owners. Thus the people who fund the organizations do not necessarily gain any kind of control over the firm. The nonprofit organizations have board just like profit making organizations. Although there is one major difference, that the boards of the nonprofit organizations are self appointed. Thus the board members are not accountable to the shareholders. There is considerable debate in these two matters, one is the bringing in accountability in the actions of the board members and other one is granting the investors with the rights to control the firm. It is advisable that the board members be held accountable for the actions taken, since this will help to bring in controllability and responsibility in the actions. The second recommendati on is to grant the investors who provide the firm with specific and important investments, the right to control the firm to some extent. Introduction The mode of operations for a nonprofit organization is markedly different than that of a profit making organization. ... he topics which are chosen for further discussion are difference in the sources of fund, difference in the use of debt, difference in the evaluation of the performance and the difference in the mechanism of governance in the nonprofits. Sources of fund In case of debt financing a nonprofit organization organization has options to raise funds from grants, debts, overdraft and line of credit. Whereas an organization that works for the generation of profit are allowed to raise funds from the operations and financial capital markets. The concept is very simple, the net income is income left after deducting all kind of expenses from the total revenue is utilized in two ways, either it is given away to the investors or is utilized for the purpose of the business (Stephen, 2012). A nonprofit organization organization can only retain the profit for its business purposes and cannot distribute profit to the equity holders. Thus it is not able to finance using equity shares and thus it is barre d from raising money from the capital market. Unlike a FP organization, a nonprofit organization organization sets short term goals and objectives. This is the same reason for which the debts are used in a different way in both the organizations. A for profit organization may use short term debt for both long term as well as short term purposes. For example the for profit organization which is in need of $ 10 million, can resort to short term financing of $ 2.5 million in four equal installments (Stigler, 2011). The cost of financing through such short term borrowing will be considerably more, producing a debt burden over the organization. For profit organization can still manage to pay for the interest as well as the principal due to the fact that they enjoy a steady flow of cash

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ART THROUGH THE AGES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ART THROUGH THE AGES - Essay Example An artisan suitably applies these elements to ensure that intended information is passed to an audience. Gaultier (2012) observes that understanding functions of arts calls for analysis of various forms of art. This paper explores various aspects of arts. In particular, the paper explains my exposure to various forms of arts and relationship between arts and society. As a way of learning importance of forms of arts, I have visited various museums, attended different theatrical demonstrations, and acquired different films and photos. I have also interacted with artisans of specific forms of arts. In other words, I consider my exposure to various forms of arts as comprehensive. By visiting museums, I have learnt various techniques involved in sculpture. All carvings and sculptured products preserved in museums have also enabled me to understand how sculpture is an important mechanism of communication to humans. By sampling objects where filming, painting, and photographic skills are displayed, I have understood how artisans hybridize various elements of arts to effectively pass a message. In addition, listening to different music and attending movies and other theatrical have enabled me to understand functions of visual and performing arts. Visual and performing arts are valuable and interesting than other forms of arts. Gaultier (2012) supports the claim by asserting that visual and performing arts play crucial roles in human life. Components of visual and performing arts include: movies and cinemas, dance, music, and other theatrical demonstrations. According to Pooke & Newall (2007), the forms of arts are effective means of communication because a large audience is reached easily. Unlike sculptural works, which are mostly preserved in museums, visual and performing arts are easily displayed in several public and/or social facilities. Visual and performing arts enables an audience to easily

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Starch Hydrolysis Of Amylase

Starch Hydrolysis Of Amylase The purpose of experiment is to observe amylase enzyme in different environment and detect of each environment by helping colour changes. Enzymes are biological molecules that catalyze many different chemical reactions. With few exceptions, all enzymes are proteins and each enzyme is specific to a certain chemical reaction. Enzymes must maintain a specific three dimensional structure in order to function properly. If an enzymes structure is altered (by heat or harsh chemicals) it may not function at all. This breakdown (denaturation) of an enzymes structure may be fatal Amylase Enzyme Amylase, which is commonly found in saliva and germinating seeds. It catalyzes the breakdown of starch. When amylase reacts with starch, it cuts off the disaccharide maltose (two glucose molecules linked together). As the reaction progresses, less starch will be present and more sugar (maltose) will be present.The activity of amylase can be observed by using iodine.Because iodine reacts with starch to form a dark brown/purple color. As amylase breaks down starch, less and less starch will be present and the color of the solution (if iodine is added) will become lighter and lighter. The color change was observed using spot-plates as illustrated on the diagram below. Amylase activity was observed under four different treatments: effect of temperature effect of pH effect of substrate concentration effect of enzyme concentration The Effects Of Temperature Amylase is an important metabolic enzyme. Its function is to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into glucose. At high temperatures, Amylase becomes denatured, denatured amylase no longer catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into glucose. EFFECT OF pH: Based on these results, what is the optimal pH for amylase? Is this optimal pH considered acidic, basic/alkaline, or neutral? Why does the activity decrease when the pH is too low or too high? APPARATUS -Starch -Amylase Enzyme -KH2P04 -Na2HP04 -HCI -Heater -Beaker -Falcon tube -Spectrophotometer -Iodine PROCEDURE 1.0.27 g KH2P04 buffer solution PH 5 was prepared with 20ml 2.0.27g KH2P04 PH6 was prepared with 20ml 3.0.27g KH2P04 PH7 was prepared with 100ml 4.0.282g Na2HPO4 PH8 was prepared with 20ml 5.0.282g Na2HP04 PH9 was prepared with 20ml 6.20g Starch was also prepared with 50ml cold water 7. To test amylase activity with PH difference,5ml starch ,5ml buffer(PH5,6,7,8,9 is used each) and 1ml amylase were mixed each other. 8.10min later,0.5ml prepared sample was put into 5ml HCI. 9.At 620nm ,the results were measured at spectrophotometer. 10. Second part temperature effect,5ml starch ,5ml PH7 buffer and 1ml amylase were mixed. 11.Prepared sample was put into different temperature 30,50,70 and 90C. 12.10 min later,5ml HCI was put into 0.5 ml prepared sample. 13.2-3 min later,5ml iodine was added into 0.5ml new sample 14.Absorbance of each was measured at spectrophotometer. OBSERVATIONS In this experiment,we tried to create different environment to examine amylase enzyme activity.The environment differences could be provided by PH differences.Therefore we prepared different medium also different pHs.K2.The graph was gained fÄÂ ±om our results.One of them is a graph that related to amylase activity at different PH.The other one is rela ted to amylase activity at different temperatures at constant PH.With K2HPO4 PH 5.6and 7 were prepared and with Na2PO4 8and 9.Each preparation procedure was applied.5ml starch ,5ml buffer,1ml amylase were added each other and then waited 10 min.After 10min,5ml HCI was added into 0.5 ml sample mixture.In a same way,the mixture for temperature observation was prepared pH 7.And added iodine to end of procedure. Absorbance results were taken from spectrophotometry.This measurement was at 620nm. pH buffer sample with amylase 0.074 0.027 0.026 0.043 0.074 According to the results, The smallest one can be think as a best one.How much enzyme is used is more essential point.If it is less one ,it means starch can not be used adequately.High starch amount means that complex amount is also high.The opposite one shows best activity amylase at smallest concentration.The colour is more light,smaller absorbance could be think as best amylase activity. Temperature sample with amylase 0.064 0.006 0.192 0.130 At 30C the colour is slightly orange. At 50C the colour is extra light like iodine colour. At 70C the colour is slightly purple. At 90C the colour is more purple than at 30C one like orange-purple.At constant PH ,the small concentration ,at 50C.Because small absorbance formed by small complex.It means that amount of starch was decreased also.Best activity is 50C at constant PH. RESULTS Our aim is to be related to activity of amylase.To detect it, we prepared different PH from KHP04 and Na2HP04 by adding acid or base. Usage both of them is related to interval of buffer.After preparation buffer,we measure absorbance at spectrophotometry.At different PH absorbance give also different concentration.If amylase enzyme concentration with sample is small, it means enzyme is used complex is more small so activity of ezyme is best one in there.At different PHs ,smallest concentration is at PH 7.And then we did second part of experiment by using PH7.The chosen of PH7 is related to observation best amylase activity at first part.At PH7 we took sample with amylase enzyme concentration at different PHs.The smallest concentration is at 50C in second part.The concentration is 0.006.The colour is more light like iodine colour.Starch is used with amylase and therefore complex colour is more light also.The amylase enzyme activity is best one at 50C.This measurement is done at 620nm. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION Why is measured at 620nm ? Why HCI is used for preparation ? What does Light color mean?How does more heat affect rxn? During experiment ,we want to distinct purpose of experiment by answering these question.In this experiment,we related to effect of different buffer and temperature.We prepared buffers at different PH.KH2P04 was prepared for PH 5 ,6 ,7and Na2HP04 for 8and 9.In first part , at constant temperature (room temperature) sample with amylase concentration was measured.At PH 7,we measured the smallest one.Small concentration means less complex less starch and enzyme is used enzyme activity is high.Our result from measurement at PH 7 is 0.026.As a second part ,constant PH,temperature was changed and then observed the effect of it.At 50 C ,smallest absorbance ( 0.0060 )was found and the colour was extra light.It means more less complex there.In this experiment ,iodine is used to detect starch molecules by observing color change.Iodine and starch were combined and then formed c omplex.The another point is why HCI is used.The acid stops the enzymatic reaction and iodine reacts with starch to produce blue color.Activity of enzyme is also essential.It can be used for denaturation detection.Starch reacts with iodine which is yellow to form blue compound Amax=620nm.The intensity of the blue color can be quantified spectrophotometrically by measuring its absorbance at 620nm.

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Favorite Dish Essay

My favorite food is Pakistani food and my favorite dish in Pakistani food is Biryani. I like to eat Pakistani food because I have been eating it since my childhood and I am fond of eating spicy food. I have been to many countries in this world and I have tried many things, but still I consider Pakistani food to be my favorite food. Some people like to eat things which are expensive and they feel that the things which they eat or like are recognized worldwide, but I have different opinion. I like to eat things which are delicious and the food which I have been eating since my childhood. I remember that once I was feeling very sad, and I did not want to eat anything at all but then as I saw Biryani I started feeling hungry. There are times when I am not even feeling hungry, and I start eating Biryani the moment I look at it. I feel very good after eating Biryani. It is so mouth-watering and scrumptious that sometimes I eat it in high quantity. Some people think that only girls should be the one who should be cooking, but I think boys should also know how to cook the food. I learnt making this dish and it was a unique kind of experience. I never thought that cooking was so fun, and now whenever I want to eat Biryani I prefer to make it myself. I believe that you should also try it out someday as most people in my country love it so much.

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Essay on Censoring the Pages of Knowledge - 1688 Words

Censoring the Pages of Knowledge Imagine a world where you could not read or own any books. How would you feel if you had someone burn your house because you have books hidden within the walls? One of the most prevalent themes in Ray Bradburys novel Fahrenheit 451 is the idea of censorship. In Bradburys fictional world, owning books is illegal. A firemans job is not putting out fires like one may assume. In Fahrenheit 451, a fireman has the job of starting fires. Firefighters start fires in homes containing books. If this were reality, there would be no homes to live in. Books have become an integral part of American life. However, the theme of censorship is still relevant in American life. Censorship is enforced in an†¦show more content†¦So why read them? Reading them is pointless. The banning and burning of books creates a dystopian society. This society is one of unhappiness and sorrow. Millie, Montags wife, may seem to be happy sitting in front of the giant screens in the parlor and communicating with her television family. However, if she were so happy, why would Millie attempt to commit suicide by over dosing on pills? Montag walked into the room one night and saw Millie laying there like an island which may have rain but could not feel it, and without shadow (13). She was lying there stiffly, eyes glassed over and only faint breath sounds. Bradbury describes her first attempt at overdosing on sleeping pills with a fair amount of detail. He writes, The small crystal bottle of sleeping tablets which earlier today had been filled with thirty capsules and which now lay uncapped and empty in the light of the tiny flare(13). Perhaps Millie was only pretending to be happy with her life. Millie may have had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She really could h ave been interested in books, but knew and understood that obtaining knowledge through books was impossible. She could not break the censorship laws under any condition. Although she may not have fully understood why they were in place, she felt there had to be a reason they were the law. There are a few outcasts such as Faber the retired professor and Clarisse the young neighbor of Montag. Faber and ClarisseShow MoreRelated Internet Censorship Essay1605 Words   |  7 Pageshave the freedom to express anything they believe. The fact that the Internet has no single authority figure creates a problem about what kind of materials should be available on the Internet. (Hentoff 12) The largest controversy that surrounds censoring the Internet is what information should be considered â€Å"offensive†. The Internet can be viewed in many different ways. It can be considered a carrier of common data, similar to a phone company, which must ignore what is broadcast for privacy reasonsRead MoreOff the Leash: Censoring the Internet Essay1737 Words   |  7 Pagesmonster that does all of this? This question, along with many others, is essential in the debate that rages on today: censoring the net. There are governments, not excluding our own, who believe in to some extent controlling who can access certain websites, and which are available to the general public. The very idea of lopping off pieces of this near-infinite source of knowledge is criminal. The average American has no idea how many computers they use on a daily basis, how many networks they crossRead MoreThe Importance Of Censorship On The Internet1558 Words   |  7 PagesJeremy Zachariah Mr. Coleman AP Government and Politics October 30 2017 Censorship The internet is a vast database that allows for the entire world to be connected. However most people while surfing the internet have come across a censored page, or a website saying that this site has been â€Å"legally† blocked by the government. Censorship is defined as the suppression or prohibition of free speech by preventing a person from saying what they want to say. Typically in modern society, censorship takesRead MoreCensorship and Material Selection Policies Essay863 Words   |  4 Pageschoose their words carefully so that the story flows, makes sense, and goes along with what they are writing about. Everything from the scenery, to the way a certain character talks is thought about and brought to life by a few simple scratches on a page. Some people want to suppress the writings of geniuses just because of an image, idea, or phrase on the grounds that they are morally objectionable by the standards applied by a censor. It has been like this for ages. As long as s omeone has somethingRead MoreThe Italian Republic956 Words   |  4 PagesOverview of Topic Some accredited organizations like RWB (Reporters Without Borders) journalists calling them â€Å"Enemies of the Internet† and some blocking common websites such as Google web based services, many nations have been accused of over censoring the internet and also keeping a stringent authority by closely monitoring any activity their citizens do on the world wide web. Over 4.6 billion people around the globe do not have access to the internet.2400 sites have been shut down and censoredRead MoreCensorship And Censorship Of Web Content1656 Words   |  7 PagesCensoring the web Module code: COIS40897 Student number: 14020070 Submission deadline: 23:59 on Monday, 3rd November 2014. Abstract This paper evaluates the restrictions, or lack of restrictions, on web content, focusing on the political and ethical notions of the censorship of web content. The question on many people’s minds is: Should the web be censored? This author believes it is the sole responsibility of the user, to protect themselves from un-desirable material on the web. However whenRead MoreArgumentative Essay About Censorship1978 Words   |  8 Pagesreligious ideas or offensive political satire. The keyword in the previous statement is â€Å"offensive†. Censoring is removing offensive topics in speech. The Soviet Union is infamous for censorship in the 20th century. There have been many trials where censorship had been the main focus, but no conclusion was made on them because of the right to freedom of speech collided with the verdict. The whole idea of censoring is a controversy. It is seen in literature, social media, the internet, and the news. It isRead MoreGoogle Case Study Essay1 390 Words   |  6 Pagessituation is available for anyone to see. The very product that they are providing can also help or hinder them. If people in the United States and Europe did not have access to Google’s business records online, then they would never know about Google censoring in China. If they did not know, then groups such as Reporters Without Borders would not be able to use them as a launching group for their issues. It is also important to mention that not only Google, but all organizations have a difficult timeRead MoreCensorship And The World Of Fahrenheit 451816 Words   |  4 Pageshave meaningful conversations and they don’t even have an interest in reading books. They most likely fear knowledge because they are probably afraid of knowing more about the war going on, which leads them to depend on the government to think for them. Subsequently, they need something to occupy their time. This is where television and mass media comes in. Instead of expanding their knowledge, they watch an extreme amount of television on wall-size sets and listen to sea-shells which are little radiosRead MoreShould Censorship Be Banned From Social Media Platform?1523 Words   |  7 Pagesdishonest and corrupt, there are many grey areas of censorship when deciding what is okay and not okay to censor. For instance, it is understandable to censor sexual content for younger audiences who may not understand the concept. However, openly censoring out the word â€Å"gay† and any LGBTQ+ content or content creators, not unlike YouTube has recently done with their new enforcement of policy, is ridiculous. When a large corporate media outlet censors a group of individuals based on their politically